10 affordable ways to upgrade your living room

“New fixtures are great ways to change the look of your room,” said Modica. “If you have dull fixtures or too little light (a very common problem), new and more lighting will make your room feel so much better.”

For high ceilings, Modica recommends chandeliers or ceiling lights.

“Chandeliers and ceiling lights are dramatic,” she said. “If you want a pendant but do not have wires for it, you can find one that plugs in. Just get a cord protector from Amazon for $ 20 or so.”

“Floor lamps in corners that are dark or need work lighting – like near chairs where people are sitting – will help your whole room feel brighter – literally,” Modica continued. “New lamps can range from $ 20 to $ 150, depending on the size of the light. I love IKEA and Wayfair for affordable lighting.”

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