10 hacks to make any room in your home look bigger | Home & Garden

When thinking about how to make a space look and feel larger, moving your furniture around may seem like the obvious fix at first. But there are tons of tricks that can maximize a room beyond rearranging bookshelves and chairs.

To show how easy this can be, real estate platform ZeroDown came up with 10 tips for making a tiny room feel larger. Read on to see what clever yet subtle changes you can try.

One of the best ways to make up for modest square footage is to put vertical space to work. Make the most of your walls by mounting mirrors, which can reflect light and give the illusion a room is a lot bigger. Installing decorative shelves allows you to display items neatly so the room looks more organized and less cluttered. Strategic placement of accent pieces can capture more natural light, paint can lighten up a room, and a well-placed picture frame can all provide an instant visual boost to expand small spaces.

Continue reading for 10 things you can do to make a room feel bigger.

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