10 Most Important Guides for Cleaning Your Home

It’s hard to keep your house clean and tidy. Sure, you can hire someone or buy a robot vacuum cleaner, but if you want to try something new and save some money at the same time, we have compiled a list of 10 great hacks for cleaning your house with stuff that is already in your kitchen.

Some of these are old tricks while others are more recent ideas – they all work well though! Plus, they will make you feel like an expert when it comes time to show off how spotless your home is. What do you need? Just grab some ingredients from the fridge or pantry!

Looking for home cleaning hacks that will save you time and energy?

Everyone who owns a home wants it to be clean. This can sometimes prove difficult with our busy schedules, we want the home to be spotless just like we saw on TV, but how?

So here are 10 home cleaning tips and tricks to keep your home clean, and home clean the eco-friendly way.

Keep reading to discover 10 home cleaning hacks that will help you stay on top of the clutter in your home and make home cleaning a breeze!

    Are you ready to start this home cleaning project? Let’s go!

1.   Use a Dustpan, Not a Broom.

Use a Dustpan

This home cleaning hack is to use a dustpan, not a broom to clean your home floors. A good home cleaner can sweep up dirt and debris into the dustpan, preventing it from scattering across the floor as they go. 

2. Clean The Inside Of Your Microwave With Vinegar And Water.

Everyone knows that one home cleaning hack that uses vinegar and water, but why? Because it works! The home cleaning solution breaks down the grime faster than any other home cleaner you have used in the past. It is an inexpensive home clean alternative to buying home cleaning supplies.

3. Store Stuffed Animals In An Old Tennis Shoe

This home cleaning hack will save you from losing your home clean home. You can hang a shoe organizer on the wall and stuff all your stuffed animals inside for easy access to them when you need them. If you don’t have space on your walls, keep it in a large plastic bin and store it under your bed.

4. Use Dryer Sheets to Dust Hard to Reach Places.

This home cleaning hack will help you clean places in your home that can be hard to reach with a regular home cleaner, like blinds and ceiling fan blades. The home cleaning tips recommend only use the dryer sheets once or twice because too much home cleaner on an already home clean home can leave it sticky.

5. Clean Up With Newspapers

Clean Up With Newspapers

After reading this home cleaning hack, you will want to read the home cleaning tips in more than one newspaper. Start by crumpling up a few sheets of newspaper and use it to wipe up dirt and debris off your home floors. It will save you time and effort by not using a home flannel to clean your home floors.

6. Clean Up Spills With A Pane Of Glass

The home cleaning tip says that when you drop something on the floor, grab a piece of glass and use it as a home flannel to pick up the spill. This home cleaning hack will save you from wasting paper towels and it is an eco-friendly home clean tip because you are reusing a home cleaning product.

7. Clean Your Toilet With An Old Toothbrush

This home cleaning hack is brilliant! You can clean your home toilets with an old home toothbrush and home cleaner in a bathtub or bucket full of home cleaner. You can also use this home cleaning hack to clean the home shower and home sinks.

8. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda to clean your dishwasher

Everyone will love this home cleaning hack because it is cheap home cleaning and it works! To clean the home dishwasher, dump a cup of home baking soda into the home dishwasher and run as normal. Then pour home vinegar into your home sink and run as normal to clean out any remaining home cleaner from your home dishwasher.

9. Use Dryer Sheets To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

Use Dryer Sheets to Dust Hard to Reach Places.

If you have home pets, then you know how home hard it is to home clean your home furniture. This home cleaning hack will save you time and effort while keeping your home clean home. After home brushing your home pet, wipe down the home furniture with a dryer sheet. It will pick up all the hair and keep it from home sticking to your home furniture.

10. Clean Your Toilet With A Pumice Stone


This home cleaning hack will have your home toilet looking brand-new again! It is a home cleaning tip that removes the hard water stains and mineral build-up from your home toilets. Home clean home! 


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best home cleaning tips! If there are any other methods that we forgot to mention, please let us know in the comments. Your feedback is invaluable and will help others find their perfect method for keeping a clean household. Now get out your mop and bucket so you can start on some housework today! Stay Tuned TrendStuffz.com

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