10 Tips for Carpet Installation

Carpet installation is one of the most frequent home improvements. Laying carpets on your floor will help you save money on your energy bills each month. A new carpet on the floor can change the look of an entire room. Installing carpets without the help of a professional can be more difficult than you think.

If you decide to install your own carpet, here are some tips to help you.

Carpet Installation Tips

1. Measuring the area where the carpet will be installed is the most important step in carpet installation. To measure a room, you need to measure the width of the room and then the length of the room. Multiply the width by the length. Then divide the amount you come up with by nine. This will tell you the number of square yards of carpet and padding you need to purchase.

2. Wall to wall carpets are sold in rolls that are usually 12 ‘wide. If the room you are laying the carpet in is more than 12 inches wide, you will need to buy seam tape to fit the carpet and sew the two parts of the carpet together.

3. Professionals use an “iron” that can heat the seam tape so they can join the two parts together and show the carpet that there is no seam. Practice making some of these joining seams on carpet scraps before trying to make them on your carpet.

4. You should remove the baseboards of the room where the carpet will be laid. Once the carpet is in position, you will re-position the baseboards. Baseboards will help keep the carpet in proper position.

5. The level at which you are laying the carpet should be equal. If the surface is concrete, you can buy a floor level and put it on the concrete. If the surface area is wood then you have to level the structure to get the surface area.

6. The surface should be cleaned of all dirt and debris before installation.

7. Padding under the carpet is important. Padding makes the finished floor soft to walk on, but it also protects the back of the carpet. Do not install carpets without padding.

8. If you have several cutouts to make the carpet, you can pull out the carpet so that the back is facing upwards. Measure where each cutout will be located and mark the back of the carpet to match these measurements. Cut out the carpet, then wrap it up and install.

9. You must have a “cooker” to help you install the carpet. This device pulls wrinkles from the carpet.

10. Tech strips are attached to the floor around the exterior of the room. Padding and carpets will be nailed to these strips and do not throw furniture on your carpet when placing items back in the room. This can cause wrinkles in the carpet.

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