15 best st. Patrick’s Day Decor at Amazon 2022 – Festive and Elegant St. Paddy’s Day Decorating Ideas

st patricks day decor


Let me just say it: Some of the best decorations for St. Patrick’s Day is on Amazon, and it’s me! Not! Only! Proverb! That! Find me somewhere else that sells cute, St. Paddy’s Day-inspired decorations like habit break the bank and can be delivered in just two days – I’m waiting.

Do not believe me? Well, you really have the Irish’s turn on your side, because I’ve taken the liberty of scouting the home furnishings market on Amazon and am proud to announce that there are lots of (non-Eastern!) Shamrock ornaments on site. (Short pause: I would like to emphasize again the fact that these chosen ones are, ahem, chic and not cheugy. No flashy pots of gold or little leprechauns here!)

From raised blankets and greenery that you want out all year round to festive tableware and decorative items that are perfect for all of St. Patrick’s Day parties, shop everything now below! March 17 is getting closer and closer …

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these moss balls

Decorative green moss balls (set of 6)

I’m sorry, the dish is not included, but the six moss balls really are. And what a cute home decor idea! Just these lil smol boys in a bowl, and voila. Interior design.


this green quilt set

Makers Collective Aisha 3-piece quilt set

If you want really get in the spirit, consider changing your bedding. This green quilt set is so amazing and really themed.


this happy wall hanging

Brass Shamrock Wall Hanging

At first, it just looks like a beautiful wall hanging. But if you turn it over, you will find that it is engraved with good luck.


these green lights

spotted pillar lights (set of 6)

Imagine your table picture with a bunch of these tall boys lit in flames. Fantastic!!


these precious lil elves

St.Patrick’s Day Gnome decoration

If you are going to decorate with little Santa figures, it is better that they are cute as hell.


this kitchen utensil

Artisan 5 quartz enamelled cast iron, round Dutch oven

A green Dutch oven is an elegant and practical way to decorate for the holidays.


these green cups

Twill Goblet Beverage Glass Cups (set of 4)

Yes, you will need some drinking glasses proper celebrate. Bowl!


these green and gold coasters

Green agate pads (set of 4)

And some wonderful coasters for that!


this cozy throw

Throwing blanket

Here’s a super easy way to dress up your living room: Just throw a green blanket on the couch.


this shamrock tablerunner

Embroidered Irish Clover Table Runner

How beautiful is this clover table runner? It will make all St. Patrick’s Day parties so much more incredible.


these stylish napkin rings

Green clover napkin rings (set of 12)

These glittering napkin rings instantly elevate your table image.


this green wreath

Artificial boxwood wreath

Welcome guests with this artificial clover wreath hanging on your front door.


this shamrock garlands

Shamrock Banner

Simple, sweet, festive, and under $ 10? Sold.


this towel set

Kitchen towel set for mixed use (set of 6)

KAF Home and Ayesha Curry

Pops of shamrock green around the house would be such a sweet touch.


this sweet jar

Shamrock Painted Mason Jar Decor

Whether it’s to show flowers or to house your pencils / cooking utensils / etc., This little painted mason jar could look so cute in your home.

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