15 DIY Home Projects Under $ 30 You Need to Try This Spring

If you’re planting a budget-friendly garden this year, you’ll want some equally frugal planters.

Store-bought planters tend to either be boring or too pricey if you need a number of them. Make your own, completely unique planters out of cement instead, using this idea from Remodelaholic. Disposable plastic containers, bowls or even milk cartons serve as the molds for your planters.

Mix Portland cement in a bucket according to directions on the bag, then pour a layer at least 1/2-inch thick into the larger of your mold-making materials. Place plastic wrap over the outside of the inner mold form, and then place the inner mold form on top of the wet cement, then pour in more cement until it nearly reaches the top of the outer mold form. Once it dries, remove the inner form and smooth the cement with a rock or sandpaper.

The total estimated cost for cement planters is $ 9.99. Here’s what you’ll need:

One bag of Portland cement: $ 9.99

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