4 Eye-popping ways to include the color blue in your home

If you’re looking for a pleasing color scheme for your home, then you can not go wrong with shades of blue. Notoriously popular, blue is not just calming and peaceful, but also happens to be a hue so many of us are partial to. One of the reasons why it is the go-to choice for interior designers is that it gels well with so many other colors making it easy to use varied hues in the rest of the home. Well, if you’re wondering where to start, here are a few ways you can include the color blue in your home décor.

  1. Beds with Prussian upholstery and a recamier

You can revamp the look and feel of your master bedroom by bringing home a bed with deep blue upholstery and a cushioned headband. Should you like to play around with the colors, you can introduce cushions in varied shades of blue and gray to the bed and even add a recamier or a velvet pouffe at the edge of your bed. This shall lend your home a regal feel.

  1. Towering wooden doorways painted turquoise

If you’re in the middle of home renovation, then you can take this opportunity to redo the entrance to your home or balcony. Simply have your architect or interior designer tweak the design of the entry way to include a wooden door painted in blue. Many people opt for a distressed wood finish on such doorways to add a bohemian look to the space.

blue home decor

  1. Choose a blue velvet or suede couch for your living room

An easy way to add a touch of blue to your home is to purchase a velvet or suede couch or lounger in navy blue hue. You may also opt for a teal shade should you wish to. It is observed that choosing gray walls or wallpapered finish behind the couch is a great way to amp up the vibe of your living room. You can also add potted plants that love the shade to add a fresh element to the room.

blue home decor

  1. Small desk or table in powder blue

If you’re not looking to go big but make minor adjustments to your home and include your favorite color in it; then try bringing home an artsy blue vase or flower pot. You also have the option of adding a blue painting or artwork to a room with white walls.

blue room decor

If you have a bit of money to spend, get a practical desk or table in powder blue to brighten up your room!

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