4 Simple ideas to light up your rooms with rugs

Carpets are a wonderful addition to any room, and there are so many different styles to choose from. They can set the tone for an entire room and can either create or break it. You can layer carpets in different colors, prints and textures to add visual interest to your floor. There are many reasons to go the more-is-more way with your rugs, whether it is to fill a large space or simply to double the structure.

Here we give you 4 simple ideas to make this technology light up your rooms with rugs to work for you.

Pattern on top of the pattern

A traditional Moroccan rug or Turkish kelim will add texture, color and pattern to a space. Start by choosing a plush, neutral-colored Moroccan rug that fits the size of your room. Then lay a Turkish flat fabric in vibrant colors on top. So if you have a coffee table, a bench, a coffin or any other type of special piece that you want to highlight, putting a rug in stock is a great way to do that.

color structure

2. Add color and texture

If your space looks a little dull, adding color and texture to carpets is a great way to revive it. Bright, patterned and bold rugs will add a bold splash of color to any room, while something more subtle will still add the color needed.

carpet by the bed

Create a landing site

A large rug instantly makes any bedroom more cozy and there is nothing wrong with staying there. But to add even more softness under your feet and make the bed edge feel more inviting, place a flat-woven accent rug on top of the larger one. See your rugs as a functional work of art, something you want to enjoy, but which is also comfortable and useful.

white carpet

With white walls you can keep it in check

If you put more prints of upholstery, pillows, draperies on top of your patterned rug, paint your walls white to prevent your space from looking too busy. By providing this empty tile, your rug will take center stage and give the look a fresh finish.

They provide warmth and comfort under your feet and will definitely complete your decorating scheme in style.

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