5 Beautiful home decor ideas from Alaya F’s cozy Mumbai abode

The new face of Bollywood Alaya F lives with her mother Pooja Bedi, brother Omar Furniturewalla, as well as her dog. This celebrity’s home is defined by modern aesthetics, neutral-toned walls, high ceilings, large and cozy rooms, pretty corners, and outward-looking spaces. You can explore a massive array of perfected layouts, high-end decor ideas, stunning lighting designs, stunning furniture and sumptuous curtains, as well as some breathtaking architectural features, from her modern luxury abode.

Here we bring you 5 beautiful takeaways from Alaya F’s Mumbai residence.

A perfect morning spot to stretch

Alaya F’s balcony appears to be her favorite part of her home, with a breathtaking view of Mumbai’s skyline and sunlight streaming in through her floor-to-ceiling glass windows. In another corner of this room, a carved, dark wood console with blue stained-glass work and mirror detailing can be found. You can also get some fresh air by working out on your balcony. Place your bike, treadmill, or other machines outside to save space inside.

2. A spacious living room

You spend a lot of time in your living room, so it should not only look good, but it should also be functional and comfortable, and Alaya F’s living room is definitely one of those. Alaya F’s living room is a cream-colored vision that sits adjacent to the balcony space. This brightly lit space features tufted couches with matching wallpaper and a low wooden coffee table. A mix of sequined and quirky cushions with inspirational quotes, as well as black and white wall paintings, add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral decor.

An earthy indoor sitting area

One can go earthy the easy way with throw cushions, artworks, placemats and lampshades that boast an array of natural colors. A tall indoor plant and a textured gold wall give Alaya F’s home an earthy feel. The corridor is lined with paintings, which add visual interest to this large home. While one corner is busy (think rust-colored suede couches, red and white cushions, an orange lamp that floods the space with warm light, and several artworks on the walls), the rest of the space is more minimalistic, with its glossy white marble floor.

4. The kitchen and dining area makes a perfect space

A long, white marble dining table is at the bottom of the staircase, surrounded by plants and a lot of art. The carved black wooden chairs and white cane mats stand out in this area. The adjoining kitchen is distinguished by a black marble countertop, light brown wooden cabinets, and a white brick wall that breaks up the monotony in the actor’s house.

5. A rustic bedroom for a laidback sleep

The rustic style is an excellent choice for a room solely devoted to rest and relaxation. Alaya F’s expansive bedroom features high ceilings, a massive tufted black leather headboard, a futuristic chandelier, and bright makeup studio lights. A light wooden floor and leafy plants held in sleek golden containers add an earthy touch to the modern interiors of this room, where Alaya F shoots her videos on occasion. Warm tones, pallet beds, brick walls, and casual area rugs can even give your bedroom a rustic feel.

The starlet’s Mumbai residence exemplifies comfort living with a dash of modern and classy interior design.

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