5 easy DIY home decor ideas

5 easy DIY home decor ideas

Mar 29, 2022, 01:21 pm
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5 easy DIY home decor ideas
Some DIY tricks can brighten up your home without breaking the bank. (Photo credit: NegativeSpace)

We all want our homes to look pretty like a picture, but not every one of us can afford fancy furniture or décor pieces we see on Instagram.

Even when we can, it’s pretty tight to sort everything together at once.

So while you are at it, here are a few DIY ideas to make your home look like one from the magazines.

Macramé wall hanging statement

Macrame is a skill you can learn and master quickly. It’s all about knots – pretty easy to start and understand, and then you can level up and plan your own designs with time.

Make your macramé wall hanging and you can be the proud artist of a solo art piece on display!

Macrame wall hangings can be used to fill up blank walls.

Take those glass jars you’ve kept aside for the kabadi walaclean them and fill them with potting mix and plant a succulent or low-maintenance flower.

Now use a strong rope to create macramé pot hangers and fit them in.

Once each of the jars is tied up well, hang them on your balcony or on the curtain rod in your living room.

This is a very simple idea, yet many get overwhelmed while choosing pictures and end up with an overdone gallery wall.

You need some planning – choose a theme, do not just pick random images, mark the spots on your wall, arrange the images in various orders on the floor to see which looks the best and hang them in that order.

Those old and faded terracotta planters do not look very appealing in an otherwise high-end room.

There’s no need to keep changing your planters, as you can simply clean and paint them.

Use acrylic paint, lay a base color to paint the whole body, and then make stripes, polka dots, or stars. You can also add glitters!

Simply let your creative side take over.

Get some Polaroid prints of your favorite moments in life, and arrange them in an order relevant to you.

Now take a long string light and set it up to form a cascading effect.

Take little clips and hang the photos on the string, try to avoid any bulb directly touching the photo as it can get spoiled.

You can always switch the images.

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