5 Ways To Use Your Old Clothes To Make Something Decorative

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Decorating your home to your liking isn’t always very budget-friendly. Sometimes, decorations can get a bit too expensive! But it does not always have to be! All you need is some creativity and inspiration! You could always reuse some of the old stuff at your home to make some decor! Here are a few ways you could use your old clothes to make something funky and decorative!

1) Sweater Pillow Covers:
Pillows and cushions always make for some amazing decorative items. And decorating these pillows only enhances your room’s look! Take your old sweaters and cut them into some cool new looks and sew them into some fun pillow or cushion covers. Your pillows will look extremely cozy in these new sweater covers!

2) Fabric Picture Frames:
You could decorate some of your plain picture frames with some of your old printed outfits. Just stick some fabric over the frame, cut out the center. But leave a bit of fabric from the center which you can stick at the back.

3) Graphic tees on a canvas:
If you have some funky graphic tees that you no longer wear but can not throw out, just staple the print onto a canvas! And voila, You have a funky wall hanging!

4) Memory Board:
Memory boards are fun ways to eternalize a memory and a cute decorative piece for you to hang all the pictures of some of your favorite moments! It’s quite easy to make. All you need is a thin cardboard box. Stick an old tee on it with a glue gun. Next, stick some strips in a criss-cross fashion on the board. And you do not have to stop there either! Decorate it to your liking!

5) Denim Wall Hangings:
You can go crazy with your old denim jeans and skirts! There are so many different ways you could make a funky wall hanging with some old denim outfits of yours! One simple way is if you cut your denim pants into thin strips, tie it on a stick and attach another strip for it to hang from. This decorative piece is great for a boho-styled home!

Take a look at these pictures of the DIY home décor items that you can make with your old clothes here.

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