6 common garage door repair problems

Garage door repair is something every homeowner has to deal with at some point. Understanding the common problems you may face can make it easier to explain the problem to the technician when they arrive. It can also help you understand what the service technician is doing to fix the problem.

1. Press the button, but it does not close

Modern garage door openers have built-in sensors that sense resistance in the hatch. If there is a broken spring or hinge, the mechanics will not attempt to pull the chain. In some cases, the opener is the problem. Only a qualified technician can diagnose the problem.

2. You can hear the opener running, but nothing happens

Openers wear out over time and gears are often the first thing to go missing. If these gears are removed, they cannot move the chain, which raises and lowers the hatch. In some cases, you can replace the gears. In others, you have no choice but to replace the entire system.

3. You have a proprietary door and you want it repaired

You may find a few technicians who are willing to fix your door in one piece, better known as a kick. However, as these are outdated systems, they are not secure. While yours may appear to be in good working order, you should replace it with a newer, safer model.

4. The hatch opens rigidly and makes noise

Noisy garage doors are a common problem. Your garage door repair technician will first replace the rollers to solve the problem. Most companies use plastic rollers that wear out. When replacing them, you should order low resistance rollers. This model runs smoother and requires less maintenance than traditional options. It is worth the additional cost.

5. You have an old opener and you want it replaced

If your opener is not working properly, you may wonder if it needs to be replaced. Your garage door repair technician will be able to examine your equipment and determine if you have the necessary parts to fix the problem without replacing the entire unit. However, for the sake of safety, if your old system does not have a safety beam, you should replace it with a newer system.

6. The rollers are off the track and you are pulling the door

Actually, this is a very common garage door repair problem. There are several different reasons why this could happen. Your rollers could be so worn that they will run off the track. Sometimes the track itself has been bent or is obstructed by something inside the room. Other times, the large springs on top will break and cause the panels to come off the track.

One of the most overlooked causes is when you accidentally hit a panel with your vehicle. The damage may seem insignificant. However, if it is not repaired, it will eventually deviate the panel. Fortunately, the solution is relatively easy to fix and can be repaired.

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