6 home decor jewels you must take home with you if you were amazed at Ayushmann Khurrana’s home

Classic interiors have a timeless look with structured interiors and a balanced style. The accessory, structure and finish speak volumes about its richness. And this is what we can witness in Ayushmann Khurrana’s expansive apartment in Mumbai. His all-white interior design exudes purity and peace. The house looks all composed and elevated with the pronounced quality pieces that perfectly complement his space.

If you are also looking for an exclusive look like The Actor’s House, read on to get an insight into some classic interior design elements.

An explosion of blush tones in the living room

The living room of the actor’s house is embraced by bright and faint colors. In his living room, balance is achieved with warm white walls and upholstery and cream upholstery. The right accent colors also help you pull off blush pink. You do not have to hang huge crystal chandeliers, but it must be said that lighting in a classic style fits into the atmosphere.

geometric shades

2. Exquisite home bar with geometric design

This modern corner stands out in a home filled with classic touches. The Actors black and white bar table has a geometric design with two captivating child seats. The velvet fabric on the chair gives a luxurious touch. You can also place some highchairs or bar stools in your lounge, making it a great choice for modern interiors.

white bedroom

All-white bedroom to radiate tranquility

There is nothing quite as restful to the eye as the purity of a fresh white interior space. High ceilings and simple white walls give the actor’s bedroom a magnificent atmosphere. It speaks of minimalist aesthetics. White actually goes well with everything. Even if your furniture is white, you can pair it with colorful walls. White gives you the chance to create beautiful contrasts in your home.

4. A special place for the achievements

Ayushmann’s various awards have a special place at home, where they have been displayed on shelves in an olive green room. You can take the chance to get creative and experiment with the art of showing off. Storage does not have to be boring. Just like the actor’s space, you can also choose an accent color that works throughout the interior design scheme.

play area

5. A playground that your children will love

We can see a playground for Khurrana’s children where he lives. It will be one of the best decisions you make as a parent if you can create a small room for your children where they can learn and play, eat and sleep. Playrooms for children in the home can be completely tailored – include only what you think will benefit your child and omit anything that could be harmful.

home library

A reading corner for the bookworms in your house

Ayushmann Khurrana has his own library space at home to inspire his own literary retreat. A personal library at home is a great way to showcase our favorite volumes in a space that is comfortable, personal and unique. If you are also thinking of creating a sanctuary for the written word for your own home, you can get some inspiration from the masterpiece that the actor has created with him, which will get you started.

Add a style statement with these classic interior design elements to your home now!

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