70s-Inspired Living Room Transformation With Thrifted Decor

Emma Kenward and her fiancée bought a new house in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 2020. Since then, Kenward has been revamping the home using secondhand pieces and documenting the process on social media.

A living room being renovated

Kenward and her fiancée have already converted several rooms into their new home, including the living room.

Courtesy of Emma Kenward

On March 14, Kenward posted a TikTok showing how she transformed her living room. She said it took her two and a half years and around $ 3,000 to turn the room into a place that she loves.

The 23-year-old Grand Valley State University graduate student gathered inspiration from vintage home decor books from the 1960s and 1970s. She said she wanted to thrift all the pieces for the room because she strives to keep used items in circulation. As a social work intern, Kenward says she hopes to connect her passions for design and mental health in the future.

The final project was a family affair. Kenward and her fiancée have been working on the house since 2020 with help from her dad, who owns an antique store. She credits her father with finding several of the pieces in her living room, which she gives her space a story.

“He’s an avid thrifter just like me, so … it’s really cool to share that passion with him,” she said.

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