8 Storage units that will make your home look more organized and aesthetic

If you are the Monica Geller of your group and like to keep all your stuff neat, tidy and well-organized, then you have landed at the right place! Here we have a few products that are not only going to make your home look tidier but will also give your inner organizer a sigh of relief. These products are compact, affordable and all things tidy!

IKEA Shelving Unit

This shelving unit is a great storage unit for your bathroom space or other tight nooks of the house if you are struggling with a serious lack of counter space. You can assemble the shelf unit quickly and easily by clicking the parts together without any tools.


Price: Rs.1030

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Jewelery Box

This compact jewelery organizer features 5 hangers of different shapes, 3 big grids and 8 small grids. It has a velvet lining in each section that protects your precious jewelery and avoids any tangling and scratches. It is ideal for storing your small jewelery like your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and hair clips.


Price: Rs.899

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Zigzag Corner Shelf

Turn the empty corners of your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or workspace into additional storage space with this contemporary decorative wall shelf that will surely complement your home decor. You can display your favorite decorative pieces whether it be your favorite plant, picture frame, or memorabilia from your last trip, this corner wall shelf will certainly be a great platform to show them off.


Price: Rs.849

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Rose Gold Desk Organizer

You can decide exactly how to arrange your desk organizer now! With 6 differently sized and designed compartments you will choose where to place your pens, pencils, notebooks and much more. Let your creativity run high! This rose gold desk organizer has been specially washed down, colored, sprayed and dried to give it that amazing spark of rose gold. It’s what will make your desk shine! It will make your home desk the perfect place for when you work at home.


Price: Rs.1699

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Bedside Table

This modern table is great for your bedside as it has enough space for your journals and stray papers, water bottle, phone charger, glasses and everything else that permanently lives there! The product package will include all the parts of the product with a manual or pamphlet that can help you in arranging the product.


Price: Rs.1499

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Hanging Shelves

This pair of triangular hanging shelves will add quite an aesthetic touch to your living room or bedroom. You can keep your decorative items as well as your essentials on it. These shelves come already assembled and they can be easily attached to the ceiling, wall or any other place you want with stainless steel hooks or hammer nails.


Price: Rs.899

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Storage Cubes

These storage cubes are literally a dream come true for new moms! This set of 6 chevron printed storage cubes can be kept inside your cupboard but can also be used on your dresser or work desk. If you are a new mom, you can keep all your new born’s essentials like diapers, rash cream, lotion, etc. Or they can also be used as bathroom storage baskets, for makeup storage, as toy storage bins, or for cosmetics storage.


Price: Rs.599

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Pastel-Colored Shelves

These shelves are a great space saver and will make full use of the space in any room, as well as will make the room look clean and tidy. They are super cute and can be used in the kitchen to store your jars, or in the bedroom to keep your makeup essentials, or in the bathroom to organize your toiletries. It includes all parts of installation and requires no drill or screw.


Price: Rs.249

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