A brief history of decorative concrete

There were many companies in the early nineteenth century who trained members to create new faces in the building using colors and stains to make their work more interesting and unique. There are some methods that were primarily applied, such as mixing oils in fresh concrete or immersing them in a solution that resembles a chemical stain.

Because it is a well-known fact that ultraviolet glare does not make metal oxide shades lighter, in the early twentieth century, many artisans applied paint to paint concrete. LM Schofield Company was the first company to make a name for itself by producing paints for concrete. Original creations included hardeners such as cement, color wax, chemical stains and sealers. In 1920, the company moved to Los Angeles. He had a strong belief that the Southern California market would be much more profitable than other parts of the country. Famous people like Marie Pickford, Groucho Marx, Cheryl Chaplin and many others used Schofield’s products to make their homes.

Stamped concrete was one such method that was discovered about fifty years ago. It has become quite popular ever since. In 1970, the stamped concrete market grew exponentially. Since then, designers, architects and contractors have realized the benefits of applying stamped concrete to the construction of driveways. It did a really good job of helping to create delicate designs and was much cheaper than other forms of concrete.

There has been a huge increase in designs over time, with many of them available at attractive prices. Applications and design methods have changed drastically since the stage where users encountered only a handful of designs. As the industry developed, a growing number of companies stepped into the field of concrete products. With such market conditions, manufacturers began to produce more materials and designs became more complex.

Many tools were also introduced in the market at that time which made the task of installing the design easier than ever before. The creation of designs began to gain momentum and was further elaborated. Many dyeing options such as acid stains, transparent stains, and for this matter, other high quality dyes almost took the market by storm. They were used to paint concrete and were very efficient and durable and lasted a very long time. Currently, stamped concrete can be found on patios, parking lots, driveways and more.

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