Aldi Shoppers Adore These St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Candles

One Aldi shopper could not help but share the news of the arrival of these festive candles with their social media followers. “Lucky candles $ 4.29,” @aldifavoritefinds posted on Instagram. And while many of their followers were excited by the news, some shoppers might be a little surprised by the price. According to Aldi Reviewer, the price of Aldi Huntington Home 3-Wick Candles increased by 30 cents in some locations this year. While they are now selling for $ 4.29, Aldi Reviewer reported this brand of candles used to be priced at only $ 3.99 at stores in the midwest until relatively recently.

However, the price did not seem to deter many Aldi shoppers, who were quick to post rave reviews about these “lucky” candles. “Such a great collection, love Lucky Clover the most!” @ replied, while another satisfied user wrote, “I bought the top right candle yesterday – ‘Not Lucky But Blessed!’ I loved the scent not overpowering! ” “Lovin ‘them all folks !!” @panochegirl raved. Based on these reviews, shoppers who want to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit and add a touch of green to their home decor might want to grab one or two of these candles the next time they head to their local Aldi.

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