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Every week, ALDI’s dedicated ALDI Finds aisle features some of the best limited-time deals on highly sought-after seasonal products and treats. The week leading up to Valentine’s Day, ALDI shoppers found everything from chocolates and coffees to matching pajama sets and pink- and red-hued home decor. And this week, ALDI has restocked the seemingly always-crowded section of the store with even more can’t-miss, must-have home products – this time, including gorgeous kitchen items that look like they were ripped right off the shelves of Williams -Sonoma.


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“Beautiful kitchen items this week at ALDI,” writes ALDI Favorite Finds on Instagram. “So many shades of pink!”

Available now at ALDI stores are a variety of chic kitchen products, from pastel-hued Crofton Insulated Carafes and Crofton 2-Quart Tea Kettles available in pastel-pink, beige and mint-green to white and rose gold-hued Crofton French Presses. And the best part? All of the new kitchen items are super-affordable and available for under $ 20 each.

The carafes are $ 12.99, the tea kettles are $ 13.99, and the French press is just $ 16.99.

Image: ALDI.

Oh, and did we mention ALDI’s also selling gorgeous, decorated Crofton Glass Baking Dishes for under $ 10? Available in two different colors (clear or rosewater) and two different sizes (8-inch square and 9 × 13-inch), these baking dishes are oven-safe up to 425 degrees F.

Those looking to add a few more stoneware kitchen products to the collection will find just that at ALDI this week, too. Not only is ALDI selling a Crofton Lazy Susan made of acacia wood and natural marble for $ 16.99, but they also have an assortment of Crofton Stoneware Mugs in four different designs for just $ 3.99 each, as well as a beautiful, textured Crofton Stoneware Pitcher for $ 12.99 .

“@Aldiusa has ALL the home finds this week!” writes The Amazing ALDI on Instagram.

Take a look at the rest of the must-have home ALDI Finds available this week.

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