Alton Farmers ‘and Artisans’ Market 30th season kicks off Saturday

ALTON – A sunny Saturday morning kicked off the 30th season of Alton Farmers ‘and Artisans’ Market.

The parking lot at the corner of Landmarks Boulevard and Henry Street was filled with vendors and shoppers.

“It’s going great, and what fabulous weather we have,” said Katherine Stine of Katherine’s Bounty. Stine has been selling at the Alton Farmers ‘and Artisans’ Market for around 15 years.

“It’s so nice at the first market; you see all the people you have not seen for six months, “she said.” It’s just fabulous to see so many nice people. And they’re so happy to see us. ”

Kimberly Dublo of Special Interest Artistry and Earthly Goods said Saturday’s turnout and the weather was beautiful.

“And everybody seems like they’re just really motivated to be out, and about so it’s been a great day,” she said.

Robert Jones of Missing Meadows Mushroom Farm said he sold at the market last year and there was a dramatic increase in vendors on Saturday.

“And it looks like it’s going to be pretty equal to what we’ve been seeing as far as foot traffic,” Jones said. “It’s going to be a good day for a lot of people.

“You could not pick a more beautiful day. The sun’s up and the rain’s gone and it ain’t real windy and the temperature is beautiful, ”he” I see a lot of vendors and I see a lot of foot traffic. So things have been going really well for us and I imagine it’s doing really well for everybody else.

Don Johnson of Johnson Family Workshop custom wood home decor said they sold at the market as a part time vendor last year and have switched to full-time for the 2022 season.

“So far today it’s been solid; it’s been good, ”Johnson said Saturday. “Seen bigger crowds here, for sure, but it’s been a solid, good day. It’s a beautiful day, happy to be out. ”

“We love the farmer’s market; we try to come as often as possible during the summer, ”said Beth Ahlin of Jerseyville. “The girls really like the balloon guy and they like the popcorn guy, and fresh produce when it’s available.”

The Alton Farmers ‘and Artisans’ Market will be open rain or shine from 8 am to noon every Saturday through Oct 15. For more information on vendors and special events, check out the Alton Farmers ‘and Artisans’ Market Facebook page.

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