Amazon remains the students’ favorite for shopping

Amazon is an online marketplace where people can buy personal items, ranging from household needs to fashion and clothing.

Amazon has many trendy article searches such as fashion and electronics. Popular items are sportswear, accessories and home furnishings.

Lululemon, a retailer of sportswear, is known for its shirts, shorts, leggings, tennis skirts and sweatpants, as well as its high prices. Amazon has joggers that are similar to the Lululemon joggers but at a lower price. To continue the Activewear trend, Amazon also has a best-selling tennis skirt from the Werena store.

Not only does Amazon specialize in athletic clothing, but they sell a variety of accessories.

Accessories are an important part of any outfit and add personality and interest to your outfit, according to Shop Your Wardrobe. Hair clips are becoming increasingly popular in the accessories department. They are also known as claw clips and have become popular through the social media and video app, Tik Tok.

These hairpins take back 90s trends that actress Jennifer Aniston used to rock, according to Vox.

“We are in the middle of a year-long feedback loop that is keen to revive 1990s and 2000s trends; in everyday language it is called ‘Y2K mode,'” Vox author Terry Nguyen wrote in “The claw clip’s comeback.”

Avery Richardson, a junior in education, is an example of students who use Amazon to find the best deals on hairpins.

A recent survey sent to Auburn students about their favorite trends on Amazon showed another popular find on Amazon: home decor. Students usually try to furnish their homes on a budget, and Amazon provides just that, such as light loops, furniture, and picture frames. Amazon also provides other everyday items in their technology department.

According to Industry Today, the technology sector is the largest segment of the market and Amazon has benefited from this.

In December 2021, Good Housekeeping documented Amazon’s top 50 best-selling products. The top 50 products include technology such as Echo Dot, video doorbells and speakers. There are also TV supplies like remote controls and electronic reading devices like Kindle.

During the holiday season, Amazon presented many holiday highlights on its website. Vacation deals included cell phones and accessories, fashion, toys and beauty products. Amazon also had other categories such as price, sports and food utensils.

Amazon’s page featured an early Black Friday sale for additional discounts and a section specifically for home decor. Its website serves as a guide to finding the perfect gift as it provides different tabs for each gift category.

“Amazon is a great company because they have a wide range of products, excellent delivery times and customer service,” said Abby Anderson, a novice in kinesiology.

While students often turn to Amazon for shopping, it also affects local businesses.

Wrapsody is a gift shop in central Auburn. This business benefits from Amazon because they get office supplies such as binders and safety pins from the company.

“It’s pretty beneficial when it comes to usage,” said Hannah Way, site manager at Wrapsody.

She continued that Amazon has fast delivery, large stock and good prices.

On the other hand, many local businesses are affected by Amazon because of the competition it poses. Crystal Tomasello is the owner of the local bookstore and café Well Red. She explained that Amazon offers good prices on books, so many people buy their reading material there instead.

“As an independent bookstore, you definitely have to compete for books,” Tomasello said.

Despite the competition, Well Red still uses Amazon by buying baked goods such as muffin cups and spices.

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