Ambassador Caffery & East Bayou Parkway Closures Highlight Week

Another week, another round of traffic issues in Lafayette to discuss.

Before I get to the closures for this week, I must point out two advances being made in Hub City.

The traffic lights at the intersection of Johnston Street and E./W. Broussard Roads

Being able to turn again from Johnston Street onto E. Broussard and W. Broussard Roads has been a time saver as the crews continue to work on the J-turn project. As someone who travels that area every day, traffic flow began to improve when these turn signals and lanes were implemented.

New sound wall at Ambassador Caffery

The new sound barrier at the Ambassador Caffery

As you can see in the picture above, the new sound wall at Ambassador Caffery looks great! Everyone knew that the old one was good, old and needed to be replaced. And I’m really happy for the residents who live on the other side of the wall because they are now getting their privacy back as drivers can no longer see into their backyards and homes.

Speaking of the Ambassador Caffery Parkway

The Ambassador Caffery Parkway between Galbert Road and Eraste Landry Road will undergo a series of lane closures over the next two weeks as the Lafayette Consolidated Governments Traffic, Roads and Bridges Department has assigned crews to perform concrete repairs on that stretch from Tuesday 18 January to Friday 28 January.

The three inner lanes will be closed during the first week and the two outer lanes will be closed during the second week. Only one lane will be open in each direction during the duration of the road work.

Traffic officials say drivers can expect these delays to occur during peak hours. Be ready.

East Bayou Parkway, google street view

East Bayou Parkway, google street view

East Bayou Parkway

Block 600 of the East Bayou Parkway (west of Leonpacher) in Lafayette as Atmos Energy Infrastructure Construction will close the area from Tuesday 18 January to Friday 21 January

There will be detours available and the locals living in the area will have to pass.

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