Animal Crossing Swamp Shack Gets High Rating From Happy Home Academy

One Animal Crossing: New Horizons player received a very high Happy Home Academy Rank on their interesting and extremely cheeky home decor choice.

One Animal Crossing: New Horizons player received a very high Happy Home Academy Rank on their interesting home decor choice. Animal Crossing: New Horizons really focuses on upgrading homes and designing the perfect island and home interior. This has been a focus even more so since the ACNH DLC Happy Home Paradise released because it gave players that extra level of customization they were hoping for.

Gaining Happy Home Academy (HHA) ranks can be easier said than done, and players found themselves slightly confused at the requirements when the game was first released. Many thought that more decorations would mean better scores, and while that is the case, placing the wrong item in the wrong spot can tank a score. Sometimes having certain decorations can mean more points are awarded, especially if it is a rare item. The HHA also has very specific requirements for colors and color placement inside the home, which can be confusing without the correct guidance. Achieving a high HHA Animal Crossing: New Horizons rank is definitely an impressive feat and is highly sought after by those who still play regularly.


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Reddit user DamnNearKilledIt shared their impressive S Rank achievement on the Animal Crossing Subreddit and then showed the room they received the award for. The award mentioned that the Feng Shui of the room was exactly what the HHA was looking for and because the item in question was red and facing East it awarded them the S Rank. The room in question is a hilarious shack that has a lot of undesirable items in it. DamnNearKilledIt showed their villager proudly standing next to the red grill on the east wall while being surrounded by toilets, cobwebs, and trash. They also have some various snapping turtles and horseshoe crabs arranged in the middle of the room with a pond flooring that makes the turtles look like they’re about to go for a swim.

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This clever Animal Crossing: New Horizons room design just shows that it does not actually matter what items a player chooses, it matters where they are placed and whether or not they all match in color and in theme. The items surrounding DamnNearKilledIt are almost all white and are all arranged around the room so the items clearly face where a player can access them, which is another part of the requirements of the HHA. None of these items appear to have a low score rank, as the S score the original poster received was 214,809. The cheeky room design proves that the HHA ranks do not really make sense but can still be a fun goal for any Animal Crossing fan to try and achieve.

Island and home redesign continue to be the most popular aspect of the game and keep players coming back on the daily. From impressive mazes to golf courses, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players always seem to build beautiful and inspiring islands. Even the toilet swamp DamnNearKilledIt created might inspire others to follow suit and try to create the strangest room for an HHA S Rank. After almost two years Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to bring joy and entertainment to fans every day.

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Source: DamnNearKilledIt / Reddit

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