Apple Airport Extreme: Ideal Wireless for Home, Office, or School

Apple recently released a new version of its Airport Extreme base stations. It is expected to find not only one Apple Airport Extreme Review that was posted online just days or even hours after the said product was released, but also many reviews that praise and criticize the product. These reviews have been taken by both well-known tech sites and avid aficionados of Apple products. While these reviews tend to differ from others in terms of content, the general consensus among reviewers was that the Airport Extreme is an elegant, well-performing router that can be easily used by even a novice Mac user.

One feature that was an important topic for the Apple Airport Extreme review is the physical design of the router. Without an external antenna, the Airport Router looks like a sleek white cube-shaped gadget. For many, this is an important factor, since the indicated design is very aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. It also fits well in any modern environment. Another feature of the router is the high reliability of its operation in the network. Some users may attest to the improved reliability of the router compared to its predecessor. They don’t complain about freezes or interruptions that interfere with their Wi-Fi internet access.

Apart from this, the Airport Router also provides an easy setup procedure. Despite the lack of a web interface, the router offers installation software that can be easily set up in minutes thanks to the wizard mode. This is especially useful for those new to Mac. Novice users will find that installing the device is even easier than just installing it using the web interface.

The router can accommodate up to 50 connected devices and has 3 Ethernet outputs. In addition, the router has a USB port that can be connected to an external drive or printer. Once connected, computers connected through a router can also access the printer or external drive. With all these features in mind, the Airport Extreme is the ideal wireless device for your home, office or school. While one Apple Airport Extreme Review may be wary of the router’s limited connectivity to just 50 computers, many take this feature as a way to keep the router reliable and stable.

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