ART unveils data standard toolkit

CHARLOTTE, NC – ART, the Accessories Resource Team, announced the launch of its data standard toolkit to help support members with technical and educational resources around data standards in the home furnishings industry.

“We’ve heard this numerous times during our ART Conference panel sessions: retailers are frustrated with creating their own e-commerce website, manufacturers and wholesalers are frustrated with trying to provide the information the way each platform needs it,” said Sharon Davis, ART’s executive director. “There is a flood of options and a drought of agreement on what information is required. We wanted to create a standard that is vetted by all these end users. ”

The toolkit is designed to get retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers on the same page when it comes to exchanging product information for catalog and inventory management.

“Companies in this field should compete on products, not on the tools they are using. This toolkit aims to help retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers reduce the manual labor that comes with creating and distributing multiple datasets, ”added Edi Muresan of, one of the tech companies that supports ART in the development of this toolkit.

The data standard toolkit offers a common language for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to describe products, using the same dataset for all business partners. It incorporates extensive attribute options per category allowing the individual end-user to make the choices appropriate for their business as well as best practices that will clarify which data is important for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers who want to have a clear understanding of what information about physical products their partners need and who aim to do better e-comm business.

“Whether you are an industry veteran or a new hire, the tool can ease your workload of completing the dataset, updating it, or distributing it,” said Dan Wieczorek of Amber Engine, an industry technology provider, which is collaborating on the toolkit.

ART welcomes input from members and anyone interested in data standardization in the industry. “The more we hear from you, the stronger the toolkit will be,” Davis said. “We are currently working on a data standard certification for all contributing companies, and we hope this will become a coveted recognition in our industry.”

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