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Outfitting your at-home office for ultimate productivity does not require that you have expertly chosen items but, man, does it make it easier. Carefully considering what desk works in your space or which work chair fits your decor style takes a little bit more energy than just ordering some random stuff off Amazon. But a functional and aesthetically pleasing desk set up makes getting stuff done a little more pleasant. Or at least more pleasant to avoid doing stuff.

On that list of stuff to consider: desk lamps. Your computer aside, they’re probably the single most important thing you’ll put on your desk. A good desk lamp makes working less strenuous on the eyes, wipes away any need for harsh overhead lighting, and, given you’ve summoned some of that extra energy, adds personality to your setup. It can be as purely utilitarian or as fun and vibey as you want. As far as we’re concerned, you should not have to skimp on either.

Here, we rounded up some of the best desk lamps you can get right now that do much in terms of form and function. Some are thin, modern, and take up as little space as possible. Some are designed to be flexible enough for you to adjust as you might need to during a Zoom call or during a particularly gloomy day. Others are light up pieces of home decor that make looking up from your work a joy. Whatever your desk is calling for, one of these is guaranteed to elevate the whole space in an instant.

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Model 90 Desk Lamp

This old-school, Pixar-motif-looking lamp is a cool, understated piece for a moody office space. We’re thinking paired with lots of dark wood and heaps of leather. The stoney blue is easily styled but without dominating the space.

Portable Octagon Desk Light

We love BespokePost for its curation of very cool things of all kinds and the home decor selection is no different. (And “home decor” is really the only way to accurately describe this Gingko desk light that only faintly resembles a desk light.)

LED Desk Lamp

If you’re working with a bigger desk set up and more than one monitor, get a light that works the whole space. This one from Amazon uses an LED light and hides the bulk of it right behind those monitors.

Parker Desk Lamp

Good office spaces are all about efficiency, and this cream-colored lamp has efficiency built right in. The base doubles as a catch-all for your pens and such, plus it has a USB port built into the side for charging your various tech accessories.

Willow USB Desk Lamp

A minimalist lamp with a cool, bright bulb is great for lighting up a (purposefully) bare-bones space.

Table Lamp

Some desk lights are designed to illuminate specific items you’re working on and some are meant to set the scene. This twist light sets the scene, using a glowy, warm LED light.

LED Desk Lamp

And for those who do want specific items lit up — like your main project monitor — this light mounts to your desk and uses a moveable gooseneck arm to bend and twist wherever you need.

Beveled Shade Smart Switch Desk Lamp

West Elm’s smart switch desk lamp is a mature kind of desk lamp with its brass shade and solid black base. It uses a touch sensor to turn on and can change to five different temperature settings, from softer to warmer light.

Mini LED Table Lamp

If your office is just a desk in the living room or somewhere that just does not vibe with a traditional task lamp, a table lamp will do. It just needs to light up the space enough for you to work with comfortably, which this powerful Panthella lamp does with ease.

Lightcycle Task Light

For a super techy office space, opt for a super techy desk lamp — anything more traditional or antique-y won’t quite fit the mood. Dyson’s super-smart Lightcycle Task Light is impossibly thin, and you can change the light’s power, temperature, and spot that it hits as much as you please.

Dmitri Desk Lamp

On the opposite side of the techy spectrum, this rounded desk lamp looks more like a decorative object than anything else. That means it adds some life and interest to a desk, while also lighting it up. Win win.

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