Black-owned businesses in Austin: important places you should know

When large parts of the country think of Austin, they often imagine some important things: live music, large dog parks and good food options. But many people are unaware of how deep Austin’s cultural roots lie – and unfortunately the historical significance and current influence of Austin’s black community, in particular, are all too often overlooked.

Austin is one of the few major cities with a growing total population but a declining black population, where the share of the total population has fallen from 8% to 7% over the past decade. However, some companies have made great efforts to update Austin’s black community in the stories we tell about the city, and companies such as Black Austin Tours, run by Austin-born Javier Wallace, have made it their central task. Elsewhere, community organizations like Six Square work to celebrate the artistic heritage of East Austin, which has traditionally been home to black Austinites.

After all, Austin’s black community is still here. Here are 15 proud and prominent black-owned local businesses, from bookstores to spice shops to support during the coming Black History Month and beyond.

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