Bulldog – ferocious or gentle?

Here is the dog that misleads most people. People think they are fierce only because Bulldogs look fierce. It is usually the other way around. Bulldogs are some of the gentlest dogs you could have today.

This was not true hundreds of years ago. In those days, these tough dogs were tough and fierce. They were meant to be. Those who were weak or lacking in courage did not survive.

You may be wondering how he used the name Bulldog and why the dog is made the way it is. They both emerged as a result of the brutal “sport” of bull-baiting, which was popular in the Middle Ages. It was something like today’s bullfight in Spain and Mexico – only instead of a man fighting a bull, it was done by a dog.

During bull-baiting, the dog was thrown into the ring with a ferocious bull to fight for survival. For a good bite, the dog needed a strong jaw. And once he got a good bite, he needed a short nose and a huge chest to breathe while holding on to the bull with his mouth tight. Usually, if the dog bites well, it defeats the bull. But the bull also had a weapon. Many dogs were crushed with a hoof or gored with a horn.

By 1835, when bull-baiting was banned in England, this bullfighting dog had come to resemble the modern bulldog. The humane law, which stopped bull-baiting, almost became the reason for the disappearance of the breed. In those days, dogs were rarely kept as pets – if the dog was fed, it had to work. And since these dogs could no longer be used for bull-baiting, many owners stopped breeding their dogs. Fortunately, some nobles kept their dogs as watchdogs and the breed was able to survive.

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