Can I buy the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Bread Maker? I do not think so

In all fairness, Zojirushi Bread Makers are good and the customer reviews give them an overall excellent rating. But these cars are not cheap, and I’m not sure if the cost is always justified. Personally, I would not buy the BB-HAC10 – it is overpriced, and you can buy other, better devices, much cheaper.

Zojirushi is one of those brands that are only sold under their own name. Almost everyone agrees that he makes excellent kitchen utensils and that you can do much worse than buying one of his high-end appliances. However, its products are not cheap, and I sometimes wonder if buyers pay more for the name of the product than for its functionality and reliability.

BB-HAC10 is the cheapest Zojirushi bread maker, retailing for over $ 175. At this price, you can buy multiple machines from other companies, so you have to ask yourself if this Zo bread maker is several times better in terms of functionality, reliability – not to mention whether the bread and dough really tastes better. Let’s take a look at the car currently on offer and see how it is rated.

Zojirushi describes it as a homemade mini bread maker. It only makes a 1 pound loaf, so it is meant for a small family or for frequent use. Its small size (8 x 11 x 12 inches) is great if rack space is limited. It looks very simple in design, the control panel is easy to read and use, and has a large loop handle so you can carry it with one hand. Some of the suggested features are:

Choose from three bread textures: regular, hard or soft.

There are cycles for the dough – cookies and pasta.

Apart from the white and whole grain cycles, there is also French bread, cakes and jams here.

There’s also a quick bake cycle that lets you bake and bake bread in less than 2 hours.

Delay timer for 13 hours.

7-minute power failure backup.

You get a guide and a recipe book that is easy to follow and has some very good recipes. The Zojirushi BBHAC10 also comes with a video that is completely useless and shouldn’t be taken out of the box.

This little bread maker is loved by many and has few negative reviews. Some complain that the flour is not completely blended; This is a common complaint about horizontal bread pan with one mixing paddle. This can sometimes be a legitimate complaint, but in the case of the Zo Bread Maker, it probably has more to do with improper dough preparation; either too wet or too dry – experimenting with a mixture can usually solve this problem.

But this machine starts at around $ 170 and does it really offer value for money? Let’s compare this to another high-end device; The Breadman Ultimate bread machine. Breadman starts at around $ 120 – much less than the Zo. The Breadman also makes horizontal loaves of bread and has a single mixing paddle, but this is a much more versatile machine than the BB-HAC10; The Breadman Simplicity makes the BB-HAC10 in all areas. Power failure backup is 60 minutes, not a measly 7 minutes Zo. The delay timer reaches 24 hours, not the main 13 hours Zo. There is a patented “x-tras” dispenser so you can add additional ingredients right away. It can be used to make 1, 1.5, and 2 lb loaves.

But the Breadman has much more to offer. There are 35 programmed cycles with 300 subroutines. And if that’s not enough, you can program your own loops. The quick bake cycle bakes bread in 59 minutes; twice as fast as a Zojirushi bread maker.

What is the difference between the bread baked on both machines? This is a rather subjective question, but honestly, there is no real difference if you follow the recipes exactly. Both the baker and the zojirushi make excellent homemade bread.

Is there anything better than the BB-HAC10 over the Ultimate? It is smaller and that’s it.

If you are going to spend that much money, you should seriously consider Bread Man, not Zo. If you are a regular user of your old Zojirushi Bread Maker and want to replace it, you will be happy with the BB-HAC10 and what it offers. So, for peace of mind, buy. But if not, buy the Breadman Ultimate Bread Maker and save a lot of money.

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