Choosing the best pet insurance for your dog

Every domestic dog has a role to play in every home. Some serve as guard dogs, while others are well-dressed and well-pampered, but whatever role they play, dogs are very helpful and cuddly companions. A good owner should know better than ignoring his dog’s welfare.

Currently, you can buy a variety of pet insurance policies. However, as with us humans, there are significant circumstances that make one insurance plan better than another. Here are some things to consider when choosing an insurance plan for your dog:

1) Financial problems are always a good start. First of all, think about your budget for your pet. For example, how much did you spend on his regular vet visits? Do you have money for a friend in case of a sudden illness or accident?

There are special insurance plans for all of your financial needs. Few plans can cover 100% of your expenses; however, there are plans that may offer you discounts or refunds for every vet visit and the like.

2) Another consideration should be related to your dog’s medical history. There are plans that do not cover preexisting medical conditions, so you should definitely check the terms and conditions of the insurance plan before buying. You must make sure that all or most of your pet’s medical needs can be covered by the plan so that you can have confidence in your friend’s well-being.

3) Third, consider your dog’s breed. There are exclusive plans for specific breeds. These are usually breeds that have genetic or breed-related diseases, or working dogs that are more prone to age-related conditions such as arthritis. While it is downright inhuman how humans have created such discrimination against innocent dog breeds, you have to admit that it is a reality. Find out if your dog is on this list and try to find a plan that doesn’t rule them out.

4) Consider external factors such as your dog’s usual habits such as biting and swallowing foreign objects. If your dog has these behaviors, make sure the policy also covers medications when something happens. Some plans also cover subsidies for other unwanted or unexpected events, such as your dog attacking other people, or food and accommodation when you need to be somewhere else and cannot bring your dog to a hospital, for example.

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