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Kiron Nair’s interior design is unique. Her spatulas are embellished with Madhubani art and pillowcases are dressed in Theyyam and Kathakali motifs.

KOCHI: In Kiron’s space, decors are bathed in art. Art styles such as Madhubani, Warli, Pattachitra, Gond and so on are dressed in a variety of furnishings from fridge magnets and cutlery to pillowcases. Here, the spatula set is beautified by Madhubani art and the pillowcases are dressed in art motifs from Theyyam and Kathakali. Kiron Nair, an entrepreneur based in Kochi, explores the world of traditional art and takes them into the interior space.

Kiron, who runs a publishing house, has always been passionate about the world of decor. “Home decorating has always been my passion and I wanted to do something about it. I always visited interior design stores and it was a joy to hold the artificial works in my hands. And when I started an investment, I wanted to create a line of elements that differ from the existing plot in every way, says Kiron.

The range of products under her brand “Eclectique by Kiron” includes decorative elements such as cow heads, bags, wall plates, cutlery sets, kettles and so on. All of these are hand-painted and adorned with art. Kiron receives orders from all over the world and says that she designs the pieces differently than what you see on the market. “I share my patterns and color combinations with my artist and she makes them. I also connect with traditional artists. I renew a lot so that the decorative parts have their own soul and be different in all respects “, she adds.

According to her, handmade products have a special appeal compared to mass-produced ones. “A lot of love goes into making a product by hand. Home decor is like an ocean, there are incredible possibilities. Art can light up the room and change its look. Most of my designs are also suitable for modern homes. It changes the whole atmosphere, says Kiron.

Kiron says she is not an artist in the ordinary sense. “I can not draw a straight line. But I can draw in my mind. I think I’m an artist in my mind. That’s where I design,” she says.

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