Crystal and Stone Shops Around Woodland Hills

Whether you’re into crystals, tarot, Wicca or meditation, Los Angeles is one of the best places to find alternative spiritual items and experiences. We’ve compiled a group of crystal and stone shops around the Woodland Hills area to help you get metaphysical, so without further ado, let’s get your transcendental shine on by taking a closer look at each of them.

Rock Paradise, located at 21828 Sherman Way in Canoga Park, will quickly become your source for healing crystals, gemstones, crystal décor, jewelry and much more. The owners having traveled the world to work directly with the mines and the incredible communities running them. This LA-based crystal shop offers some of the highest quality gemstones at reasonable prices. Its team of crystal and metaphysical experts always prepares a series of guides on the most popular crystals and their meanings. Choose from agates, stones, finished jewelry, home décor and gifts, jewelry settings, keychains, metaphysical items, specimens / minerals and tumbled stones.

The Native Spirit Lodge, located at 22559 Ventura Boulevard, has become a number one source for authentic Native American crafts, crystals, semiprecious stones, beads, jewelry, new age items, sage, incense and more around the Woodland Hills area. In addition to those items, they offer a sprawling inventory of singing bowls, salt lamps, selenite, books, puffed hearts, flutes, pendants, bracelets, Reiki sets, orgone, Chakra instruments, pendulums, dream catchers, tarot / inspiration items, merkaba , offering bowls, Navajo DINE, rose quartz, Indian wedding vases, wands and feathers. If you can not find it here, you’re not finding it anywhere in the Los Angeles area.

Starlight Intuitive, taking up residency at 21608 Sherman Way in Canoga Park, is a new age spiritual wellness store passing on sentiments of “blessings, peace and love” through a smattering of offered products including healing crystals, books, shamanic tools, decks and environmentally sustainable items. If you are interested in getting in touch with your spiritual side, Starlight offers healing and reading sessions as well as meditation workshops and classes, with all events lead by expert team members. From crystals to healings and things beyond, Starlight Intuitive is the place to “follow your soul.”

Briella SpiritCharger, located at 6250 North Topanga Canyon Boulevard Unit 1555also goes under the name of Healing Crystals Prescribed and Selected Just for You by Renowned Energy Healer Coral Menashrov; in a procedure performed with the help of Spirit and the four elements of water, air, fire and earth, Coral connects the energy of your crystal with the full energy of the universe before synchronizing your “SpiritCharger” with your soul’s “vibrational frequency.” Simply put, these SpiritChargers aid in the areas of spiritual healing, physical wellness, mental health, addiction, family issues, relationships, career / academia, trauma and fertility. You can also choose from a host of healing and intuitive services such as personal intuitive readings, distance healing sessions, crystal healing sessions, energy balancing sessions and more.

The Imagine Center for Lightworkers, located at 18635 Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana, represents a community of “awakened souls” who serve through love and light, always focused on the planetary elevation. The staff here connects with customers to provide thoughtful guidance and helpful knowledge for their journey into a “greater light,” always offering healing, renewal, insight and intuitive support through a variety of services. What’s more, The Imagine Center‘s events provide inspiration, motivation and activations for creative expression, while a plethora of products are available for purchase that ensure a unique shopping experience.

You can buy crystals pretty much anywhere these days, but for a full-fledged metaphysical foray into the spiritual, the crystal and stone shops we mentioned around Woodland Hills in this roundup can offer something truly different.

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