Cultivating Comfort- 4 Ways to create a home that nurtures and heals you

They say “there is no place like home!” Being a very special facet of our lives, it is extremely vital to adorn our dwelling beautifully to make it a heavenly abode to refresh and rejuvenate. After a chaotic day of work, when you come to an organized home, it can do a lot more than just give you comfort! Changing certain elements in your space can calm you psychologically while bringing you much-needed peace and harmony. Therefore, prettifying your surroundings as realistically as possible to lead them through the doors of wellness is enormously imperative. Here we bring you 4 ways to create a home that cultivates comfort along with therapeutic healing.

Create a sense of belonging

Your personal space has your own particular touch that will instantly say “you are home, you are safe.” No matter big or small, just surround yourself with the things you love and whenever you reach home it will save you from all the bad vibes out there. Your space should speak to you and speak about you in order to cultivate comfort and incorporating things that hold emotional and personal value to you is a great way to do that. You can throw in your mom’s shawl over the couch and wrap yourself in the cosiness while reading a book or watching TV. Moreover, you can also create a wall gallery of your childhood photographs near your bed or couch. These things will make you feel cocooned in love and heals you like nothing else.

create a sense of belonging

2. Add in nature

Your home is the most comforting space for you to escape into! Houseplants, faux plants or even herbs in your space boost the vivacity of your home and its organic flair will connect you with nature while sending all the happiness your way. Not only this, but it also protects you from environmental toxins while pleasing all your senses. Instead of decorating it with a single planter, surrounding the corners of your home with a bunch of different planters will add a unique dimension to your surroundings. Some shimmery and boldly tinted planters will also brighten up your mood!

Add in nature

3. Embrace aromatherapy

Emotional upheaval can be calmed by diffusing light aromas in your abode. Certain aromas are directly linked to the brain and give you a sigh of relief by calming your nerves. Diffuse some in the bathroom to get the invigorating vibes and to start or end your day on a good note. Eucalyptus aromas are well known to inspire optimism while providing a strong breath of fresh air while the lemon and grapefruits are more revitalizing, keep away the drowsiness and cheer you up. To say toodles to stress and to soothe your feelings, you should always go with the cypress aroma.

Embrace aromatherapy

4. Light up

A lot of people always underestimate the power of lighting and candles. Candles and good lighting in the home shape intimate vibes and make the mood pleasing and warm. They not only give a welcoming feeling but also heal you by transforming the look of your home. You can always lit up some candles on your dining table, or coffee table to calm your nervous tension with warm, soothing and comforting notes of your favorite essences. Fresh aromas of rose and patchouli have the power to settle the inner you.

Light up

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