Curated collections of antiques hit the Expo Square for the Vintage Tulsa Show | Home & Garden

“I’m very eclectic,” King said. “I have a little bit of everything, from low-end to high-end. I love anything pink, vintage toys, antique miniatures, estate jewelry, costume pieces, antique kitchen linens, and I always have crowns because my last name is King. ”

An important part of her role as an antique dealer is to price each item fairly and try to save her customers money, King said.

“You might buy something at an estate sale for $ 10, then do some research and realize it was actually worth $ 100,” King said. “So, I always try to pass my savings on to the customer. I try not to overprice my items, and I always want people to feel like they’re getting a good deal for what they’re buying. “

After devastating Texas snowstorms prevented King from selling her items at the show last year, she said she’s elated to be able to return.

“The antique show here is the best show I do – I just love it,” King said. “The people in Oklahoma and the Tulsa area are just wonderful. They’re there to have a good time and try to find something that might make them a little bit happier. And the dealers – even though we’re all from different states – we’re like one big family. ”

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