Demand for flowers increase in valley ahead of wedding season

Apr 13, 2022 15:18 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]April 13 (ANI): Ahead of the upcoming wedding season in the valley, the planters of Jammu and Kashmir are hopeful of an increase in demand and have started selling their flower saplings in the nurseries.
To prepare saplings for the upcoming season, the growers start creating infrastructure in winter for protecting them from snow and rain and make greenhouses to provide the saplings protection from the temperature.
“After the snowfall, it becomes important for us to make the houses appear beautiful and satisfactory, for which I often get different varieties of flowers, every year,” one of the buyers told ANI on Tuesday.

“Planting these flowers at home gives a satisfying sight to the eyes, especially in the morning,” he added.
“In these greenhouses, the growers sow the flower seeds to become saplings, which will later be sold to the people for installing flower plants in their homes,” Shoukat Ahmad, an employee of the nursery told ANI.
“This is the time for sale. As per the demands, we have grown a variety of flowers for the wedding as well as home decor purposes,” said Shahid Bhat, plant grower at Sapling nursery told ANI.

“We have grown Pensee, Flocks, Dockflowers, Antrum flower for the wedding season and have different flower varieties, including Bonsai for the home decor purposes,” he added.
From mid-March, people start purchasing such flower saplings from the shopkeepers and use them to decorate their homes.

These flower saplings generate huge business and employment for the people in Kashmir as the citizens often use them for the purpose of decoration.
Many people buy the flower plants from nurseries and further sell them in the market to gain profits.
The growers are expecting good returns on their investments from the business, as the saplings are currently ready to be sold off. (ANI)

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