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It is often a rule in fashion that the color white should not be worn beyond a certain month. But what about home decor? For those seeking a neutral foundation or love the look and feel of white, winter white may offer the best of both worlds.

White is often overlooked as a “color.” But in home decor, it is one of the most versatile and popular upholstery choices next to gray. For those looking to be able to have versatility and a foundation for which to create a color story, white and especially winter white is a popular choice.

Durability versus aesthetics

Gone are the days where the white living room was seen but not used. Today there are a myriad of fabric choices that will allow for winter white and white upholstery choices to be more forgiving. A long-kept designer secret is the use of commercial- or hospitality-grade fabrics in residential homes. These fabrics aren’t only meant to withstand heavy usage, they also repel liquids and in many cases are just as soft and luxurious as residential fabrics.

Winter white and white selections can be placed in any room where you desire a crisp, lighter look and a neutral foundation.

How to create a color scheme

White can be dressed up or down and paired with either other neutral colors such as black, gray or brown. It can also be used as the perfect foundation for “pops” of bright colors and even pastels. Love the look of tone on tone? Do not be afraid to pair winter white with pure white to create a luxurious monochromatic look and feel.

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