1. The rustic sign hanging right over the sofa, below the shelf, adds to the beauty of this living room set-up. The two mirrors give the room depth and make it appear larger and brighter. Visit linda-coastalcharm-com for more farmhouse ideas.

2. Framed family photos exude rustic charm, especially when exhibited in this way. These “frames” are actually ancient windows that have been repurposed. They look fantastic on the wall of this dining area, where they create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The wooden letters provide a great touch to the area and go in nicely with the rest of the decor. Cottageinstincts inspired the concept.

3. It’s not always about the individual decorations you hang on a wall, but rather the overall feeling they communicate as a group. This is an example of a delightful cluster of decorations and accessories, each with its own distinct role and personality and all in perfect harmony as a group.

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