Do what your future will thank you for

You know how when you book a vacation and you know how much money you need to spend on that trip – you think, “Okay, that’s it! I am saving from today – so strictly no purchases for the next 3 months. / No drinking (well, maybe just one glass from time to time) and no crazy night out! ” (You’re not alone!)

But imagine if you had this sacred “holiday bill,” you were saving $ 100/10 every week for the past year! Having $ 5,200 ($ 100 per week) or even $ 1,200 ($ 10 per week) on hand on this account isn’t bad at all, is it! As the saying goes, “every little thing counts” and this is surprisingly true!

As humans, we subconsciously live by our values, which, in essence, represent an irresistible desire to achieve what makes you happy; whether it’s a holiday, a big fairytale wedding, a lifetime Zumba membership, spend more time with loved ones, have the freedom to do whatever they want – like leaving home or buying your own home.

No matter where you are in your life, you have a desire to support you through difficult times and even great times. Sometimes you can get by without money and make it work as a couple. But the point is that you sacrifice one for the other. Whether it’s the extra job you have to take to pay for your dream wedding, or overtime to pay off your mortgage and support the three kids at home you never see, or put off your dream of your own home because every year you never to achieve this goal – accumulate enough deposit to qualify for a home loan.

If you can set your goals from the start today and be disciplined about that – even saving as little as $ 10 a week, we know you will definitely change your life within 12 months. Why are we so sure?

Because we did it too, and it was really a vital step in our life. It can be quite tricky at first (just because you find money you didn’t know about, or how much did you spend on cheese?!?) But yes, trust us on this one.

TIP: Work on your budget today, it’s never too late.

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