Do you know who you work with when it comes to buying a home?

In the real estate business, there are mainly agents with less than 2 years of experience. in the field of real estate. Sure, they may have 5-10 years of experience in marketing and sales listed on their websites along with the gray hair that age brings, but have they really been selling and buying properties for so long? Let’s take a look at a few tools that you as a consumer can use to work on your agent.

Call the Austin Board of Realtors and ask if there are any complaints against the Realtor. Most councils do not divulge all the information about complaints about their members, but if the agent is highly respected, you might get some information about this aspect of their business.

Check with the Texas Real Estate Commission. any irregularities they may have in relation to the agent AND the agent’s broker. These range from administrative violations to ethical norms and misconduct. You can check the website records at

Check their educational background at the Texas Real Estate Commission. If you are looking for a professional, you need to make sure that they are always aware of legal issues, serious real estate issues and the type of agent who strives to be informed and educated when it comes to selling or buying your home. You can check the agent education data here:

Ask for three links and call them! Good agents can give you at least three good references. If they can’t or the links aren’t happy with the agent’s work, you can do better.

Call agent broker and talk to them about the agent’s experience and education. Brokers love to hear from their clients and will also be happy to tell you honestly about the agent and his experience.

Ask an agent about their sales performance over the past 5 years. Some agents get their license and do nothing with it for years, then go into business and may advertise that they have been an agent for 15 years, even though they have never actually sold a house or are very inexperienced. A good agent will be a full-time realtor with no other job and must close at least 2 deals per month.

Go with your intuition this is usually correct! Happy home hunting!

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