Dow insulation – add years of hassle-free life to applications

Dow insulation is a common topic that includes many products and product systems. You and I use it every single day. They are in practically everything that exists today. Dow brand products are just one aspect of a multinational company that primarily manufactures products sold to other product manufacturers. The American corporation, headquartered in Midland, Michigan, is the world’s second-largest chemical manufacturer.

Dow offers solutions that address the issues that architects, builders and homeowners face on a daily basis. Dow insulation products produce energy efficiency, construction process, moisture resistance, and easy maintenance. Dow Products add years of hassle-free life to building applications. Dow Building Solutions has developed product lines with common household words – names such as Styrofoam and Great Stuff. An estimated 40% of our energy is wasted due to inadequate building practices and inefficiently insulated houses. This is no small contribution from the world leader in insulated building products.

Researchers at Dow’s Lab have discovered a way to make foam polystyrene. After obtaining total patent rights, they sought ways to produce large quantities of extruded polystyrene. Polystyrene is a moisture-resistant material with a hard, smooth surface. It was adopted by the US Coast Guard in 1942 for use in the raft of the lives of six of its men. Extruded polystyrene, or Styrofoam as it is commonly known, is used in building materials including insulating foam board sheeting and pipe insulation. The most recognizable insulation product from Dow is identified by its distinctive blue color. Styrofoam is also made in white and green for craft applications. It is even used to compensate for soil damage caused by freezing and melting under roads and other structures. The line of products and systems that have evolved since those beginnings is amazing.

Great Stuff is a Dow Chemical Product, commonly known as Spray Foam. The industry refers to this material as open cell, low density polyurethane. It is a Dow Chemical product that comes in cans and is found in spray foam insulating kits. It is white or yellow and spreads to fill in the gaps and shapes. This material is fire and water resistant and forms a permanent airtight barrier.

The following is a brief description of the various Dow insulation products used primarily in the building trade.

Hyperlast Syntactic Polyurethanes has been used to protect and insulate oil and gas lines. Polyurethane Systems rigid foams are used to make panels, such as in basement wall insulation panels and prefab concrete foundation sections. Styrofoam brand (Extruded Polystyrene) foam board insulation is known worldwide for its performance of flat roof insulation, foam wall insulation and insulation on basement wall insulation applications.

The Thermax brand insulation has been around for almost thirty years. It is a rigid board insulation used in flat roof insulation panels in both wall and ceiling. It is aesthetically pleasing and can be left exposed. These are fire retardant and energy saving.

Vortatec Polyurethane Ingredients is used to produce dispersed hard foam. They are used in the manufacture of insulating materials that are used in a wide variety of applications, such as prefabricated panels and commercial refrigerators. Dow insulation is today’s answer to tomorrow’s problems for your home insulation.

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