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Kingsporters we’ve heard from would rather dine at a Red Lobster without having to drive to Bristol or Johnson City. Red Lobster topped the list when we asked readers to tell us what new businesses they would like to come to Kingsport. There were lots of suggestions. Here are some of them:

• I’d love to see a Chicken Salad Chick in Kingsport, the driving range on Stone reopened and a bowling alley.

• A Mast General Store in one of the big empty buildings downtown. A Rocky’s Hot Chicken somewhere here would be great as well. We need a piano bar or jazz bar downtown.

• Red Lobster, Bonefish Grill, PF Chang’s. Kingsport is in desperate need of great places to eat and shop.

• Red Lobster, Outback, Best Buy.

• I would like to see some nice restaurants in Kingsport. We have enough burger and fried chicken shops. Nice stores to shop instead of having to travel to Bristol or Johnson City.

• What we need in Kingsport is a Red Lobster. It needs to be on West Stone Drive. It would bring a lot of business to that end of town. A lot of people love seafood.

• I would love to see a Top Golf center. I recently visited the one in Colorado Springs. We had a wonderful time with our family.

• Costco and IKEA should open at the intersection of I-81 and I-26. Would love a Wegmans grocery but would settle for a Publix. Trader Joe’s would be good.

• Johnson City and Bristol both will now have a Chipotle. It would be good for Kingsport to have one too.

• An outdoor gear shop. Mahoney’s Outfitters and Mountain Sports Ltd are great shops. After Rocky Top closed we have not had the right place in town anymore. Someone mentioned Cootie Brown’s, I concur. We need another Chick-fil-A. A Southern Craft would be awesome – Johnson City and Bristol have one. I wish we did.

• A Mr K’s Used Books would be nice. We have a few small used bookstores but nothing up to a Mr K’s standard. Anything in the mall would be good.

• A small theme park, a museum, another nice restaurant like Chop House and a Chick-fil-A in Colonial Heights.

• I think Kingsport should get a big up-to-date bowling alley, a skating rink and a Dave and Buster’s arcade. Ledo’s Pizza would be awesome. And put a food court in the Fort Henry Mall.

• The Fort Henry Mall has ample empty space to add a Main Event as in Knoxville or a Flavortown as in Pigeon Forge.

• Since we have moved to Kingsport nearly three years ago my wife and I have been traveling to Asheville two or three times a month in order to buy most of our groceries at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Harris Teeter (due to) the quality and selection.

• When we go out to eat, we usually go to Chop House. However, no matter when we go, the lines waiting for a table are almost out the door. It would seem that this area could well support a few more restaurants of this quality.

• I would like to see a Costco. How about a Red Lobster? We have enough car washes and fast food joints.

• We need different burger options. I know we had a Checker’s years ago and we need another one back. Would love a Red Robin.

• Outback Steak House, Red Lobster, Marco’s Pizza, Dillard’s, Yoder’s or similar country store, Publix, Costco, Rural King, more home decor businesses.

If you’ve among these businesses, give Kingsport a look. We’re a growing community, and residents would love to see you come.

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