McGarvey brings 20 years of experience spearheading social and environmental strategies with a focus on product, supply chain, operations and branding. As Target’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, she played an integral role in developing the corporation’s sustainability program, rolling out enterprise-wide initiatives including the company’s chemical management and transparency policy and their incredibly popular Car Seat Trade-In program. In 2018, she founded Star Impact Consulting, where she provided purpose-driven strategy and branding for both for-profit and nonprofit business sectors such as Apparel Impact Institute.

With a product line that is more than 90% American made and a long history of sustainable practices, Room & Board looks forward to expanding and amplifying their sustainability commitments under Emily’s guidance and expertise.

“My initial framework for furthering Room & Board’s sustainability strategy will elevate our position as a sustainability leader through a focus on how our home furnishings and décor are better for people and the planet, and to standardize the measures we hold ourselves to for our products and operations, “says McGarvey.

Founded in 1980, Room & Board creates timeless designs made from quality materials that have an enduring place in today’s homes. Sustainable practices have long been a pillar for the retailer. Current initiatives include sourcing reclaimed wood and incorporating recycled natural steel, plastic, and fabric into their furniture and decor.

“Hiring Emily and defining this role was the logical next step in our pledge to fight climate change and ensure we’re doing our part to protect the planet for generations to come,” says President and COO, Bruce Champeau. “Room & Board has always been dedicated to local industries to craft our furniture. This model has allowed us to mitigate unnecessary waste and reduce the distance materials travel. We’ve proven that American made is not just smart business, it is also smarter environmentally . “

In 2017, Room & Board partnered with the USDA Forest Service to begin an initiative known as the Urban Wood Project. This partnership allows Room & Board to reclaim wood from old buildings destined for demolition and downed urban trees to repurpose them as unique, modern home furnishings. Since its start in Baltimorethe Urban Wood Project has expanded to Minneapolis, Detroit, Anaheimand Sacramentoreclaiming the equivalent of more than 700 trees in the process.

As sustainability’s role in the retail industry is ever-evolving, McGarvey will navigate complex issues and further solidify Room & Board’s corporate values. “Sustainability is exciting because it has the power to not only positively affect our communities and planet, but also a company bottom line – being sustainable should drive sales, reduce expenses, increase brand reputation, and mitigate brand risk, “McGarvey says.

Room & Board is an independent, privately held retailer of modern furniture and home decor. More than 90% of their designs are manufactured in the United States. Founded in 1980 and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Room & Board has 21 stores nationwide. The company’s commitment to sustainability, quality, modern design and exceptional service has made it one of the most respected furniture retailers in the country. To learn more, follow @roomandboard or visit https://roomandboard.com

SOURCE Room & Board

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