Event industry classifieds website for buying and selling used event equipment

For a long time, the challenge faced the outdoor events and hospitality industry.

While the opportunity to buy new equipment is constantly growing, especially with everything the Internet has to offer in this age, until recently there was no place where good people from these industries could easily buy and sell their used equipment.

The fundamental problem here is indeed twofold; the equipment used in the outdoor event industry is usually very specialized and very little used in “second life” except on the other side in the aforementioned industry. Items tend to be very large and often have very high monetary value.

As a result, many forums for the potential sale of these used items are becoming somewhat ineffective. Opportunities to sell items on places like eBay are limited as any potential buyer will almost certainly want to inspect the items before considering buying. As these items tend to be scattered throughout the UK, it may not always be possible to view these items before the end of the auction period. Further limitations of the auction model will relate to the appeal to potential buyers, since it has already been noted that these items are usually of a specialized nature.

I mean the following types of items:

Large frame and traditional style tents
Portable dance floors
Marking floors (often solid wood)
Inflatable castles
Mobile trailed toilets
Large catering ovens and refrigerators
A large number of banquet chairs and tables

These are just a few of the items that make their way into the used market, and as you can probably imagine, they all require a rather complex logistics operation when purchasing used goods, often done using a large van or truck.

Typically, a large amount of this type of equipment is in circulation as companies open and close, companies enter the liquidation stage, and the constant need of larger enterprises to renew their stocks ensures the life cycle and stable operation. supply of equipment for small businesses down the food chain.

The outdoor event industry is growing every year, and every year we find more and more major events, especially in the wedding industry and the festival scene, all of which means there seems to be a constant supply of equipment hitting used equipment. market.

This is great for individuals who might be considering buying a canopy for an event at home, rather than renting it, for example. This also means, of course, that they can sell it after their event is complete and dust-free.

It is assumed that the demand for these items will continue to grow in the coming years and that the market will remain viable.

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