FIFA World Cup 2010 – Analysis and Predictions

Historical fact

Historically, no team from Europe has ever made it to the World Cup outside of Europe. The host country eventually won all the World Championships, with the exception of Brazil in 1958 when they won in Sweden. When the first world championships were held on Asian soil in Korea and Japan in 2002, it was not the Asian country that was ultimately the winner, but Brazil again. Asian countries were not yet ready for victory, although South Korea came close. These are historical facts about the World Cup over the past 100+ years. Eight years later, do you think an African country is really ready to host the FIFA World Cup in its home soil? Reckless people are betting against history.

Our approach will be to bet on a South American country to win the World Cup outside of Europe again, with some money invested in an African country to be the first ever.

Team Analysis

Brazil wins too often and their chances of winning are rather low – 4.5, but still good. Some money should go to them.

Argentina is a dark horse. Not many people give them a chance because they are driven by a certain eccentric Diego Maradona. They have amazingly talented players at their disposal, and I just feel like they will make all of their critics eat their words by joining together despite all their unwanted attention to Diego. A bit like Italy at the last FIFA World Cup. The Italians had a lot of problems with team spirit, someone was dying and so on. But they managed to use it as a unifying tool to put together a team to play effective football and win the World Cup.

England is, as always, overrated. Fabio Capello won’t get them yet. History will not favor this talented group of players. Gerard, Rooney, Lampard, Terry will have a good world championship, but again only until the semifinals. I have a strange feeling that they will go to the penalty spot again. Guess who will miss the decisive penalty?

My illustrious Portugal will make it to the first round this time. It’s a shame they’re in the Death group. They are too dependent on Ronaldo. I’m afraid Carlos is not a scolari this time. Anyway, apart from Ronaldo, all the other players are mediocre.

I like African teams. This world championship could be their first. At the past world championships, they showed the world that they are talented, skillful and capable of upsetting the best. Think of Roger Milla and the indomitable lions. Now that there are more senior players in Europe and, more importantly, the best technical coaches have been hired, and in their home soil, this could be a world championship that opens up new opportunities. The first African nation to host the FIFA World Cup at home? It won’t be South Africa, with players like Piennar. Players of real caliber are Cote d’Ivoire and even Ghana. Players like Drogba, Touré, Kalou, Essien are great players with a lot of experience. They can make the next big leap for African players.

As for the Asian teams, I think they did their job. Now is not their time or place to show another great performance this time. Teams underestimated their ability in 2002. They don’t make the same mistakes anymore.

Spain. Sigh …. They have the lowest chances. Despite the fact that they are talented, they will not be able to withstand the South Americans. It’s one thing to win the European Championship. Another is to win the World Cup over Brazil and Argentina. Moreover, they are not in Europe. Good luck to them.

Germany and Italy? Their era is over. Take a look at their leagues at the moment. It is hard to imagine how they will perform with the winners far from Europe.

Group winners and runner-up proposals (1 stands for group winner, 2 stands for runners-up) (see for groups)

A1 – France A2 – Uruguay B1 – Argentina B2 – Nigeria C1 – England C2 – Algeria D1 – Germany D2 – Ghana E1 – Holland E2 – Cameroon F1 – Italy F2 – Paraguay G1 – Brazil G2 – Cote d’Ivoire H1 – Spain H2 – Chile

Playoffs Offer (

Schedule of the second round Quarter-finals Semifinals / 3-4-4

France – Nigeria, Nigeria, Ghana, England – Ghana, Ghana

Holland – Paraguay, Holland, Brazil, Brazil – Chile, Brazil

Germany – Algeria, Germany, Argentina, Argentina, – Uruguay, Argentina

Italy – Cameroon Italy – Ivory Coast, Spain – Ivory Coast

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