Foreign investment in Mombasa

A favorite and major destination for foreign investment, especially in the real estate market, Mombasa receives a significant number of foreigners from Asia, Europe, the United States and even Australia. So where do these expatriates or foreigners live in Mombasa?

Mombasa has established itself as a cultural port city that has been able to withstand numerous invasions and occupations by foreigners from foreign countries. The city’s diverse tourist attractions include coral reefs and islands, sandy beaches, historic sites, a variety of wildlife and a favorable tropical climate that attract both local and foreign investors to a variety of sectors of the economy.

Little Europe of Mombasa, Mtwapa

If you want to travel to Europe, you don’t need to spend a fortune on it. Just drive to Mtwapa, less than 16 km northeast of the city.

  • Mtwapa is an old, dynamic and vibrant city that operates comfortably with a 24/7 economy and is the fastest growing real estate market in Mombasa.
  • Originally inhabited by the local population, Mtwapa got its name from the local people who called themselves “mtu va hapa”, which means “someone from here,” in order to isolate outsiders. This is no longer the case considering that Mtwapa has become a fusion of local and international cultures.
  • Mtwapa is widely known as Little Europe due to the significant numbers of Italians, Germans and Britons who literally kicked out the locals (who can no longer afford the rising cost of living in the city).
  • Mtwapa turns out to be an ideal investment destination, especially in the real estate market, with an acre of land worth between Ksh 16 and 18 million.

Mtwapa has everything from state-of-the-art entertainment, 4-5-star hotels, sophisticated buildings and wildlife sanctuaries to archaeological relics, beaches, religious buildings and roadways to the Indian Ocean, providing a good return on investment.

  • Mtwapa has not remained indifferent to the fact that locals lament the erosion of social and cultural ideals, as prostitution, gay relationships and stripper clubs are becoming the norm in the city.

Asian / Arabian city of Mombasa

Asians and Arabs have occupied the city of Mombasa since ancient times, when they came to the city to trade their goods and services for gold, ivory and spices. Many of them chose to settle in the port city, which became part of the city.

  • The Old City, located southeast of the island, is the Asian / Arab city of Mombasa, home to most people of Asian and Arab origin.
  • Asians and Arabs living here are understandable as the area is full of buildings, street masses and building structures, the architecture and character are clearly Asian and Arab, and they will naturally feel at home away from home.
  • Interestingly, there are several temples and mosques here to meet the religious needs of the population.

City of wealthy Mombasa

Mainly populated by wealthy foreigners and who’s who in Mombasa’s social and business circles (celebrities, businessmen and politicians), Nyali is a city of wealthy cities.

  • Located less than 20 minutes north of the city center, Nyali has the best infrastructure.
  • On the slope of the Indian Ocean, home to numerous luxury resorts and hotels such as Sarova White & Sands, Intercontiental Hotel, etc. Residential villas and commercial properties, Nyali is arguably the most expensive place to live and even invest in the city.
  • The majority of expatriate expatriates working for multinational companies operating in Mombasa live in Nyali, which contributes to the improvement of economic performance and development of the estate.
  • Nyali has top cinemas like Nyali Cinemax, shopping malls like City Mall, eateries like Galitos, and coffee shops (like Java and Dormans).

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