Foreigner’s Guide to Making Money in Thailand – Part 1

Before leaving home, think of a local business partner. You may find a business idea in Thailand for which you need someone at home to help you work on the Thai side.

Get started by contacting your least astronomical, most trusted relatives and friends and discussing the general idea of ​​two national businesses. There is no need for anything concrete at this time. The idea is simply to prepare the ground if you need one. Below are some of the businesses that you can own as a foreigner in Thailand.

Accountants, business professionals, buyers, lawyers

Multinationals doing business here are reluctant to pay $ 200,000 ‘expat packages’ and send staff home

1. They are very expensive and

2. House staff may not like living in Thailand (yes, I know).

So they try to find people who are already here and do not need an ‘Expat package’.

If you have a professional background, are thinking of moving here, and want to work a few more years, now is the time to start looking for a job in Thailand. Start Googling Jobs in Thailand [accounting]’, Or whatever your specialty. Get updates on LinkedIn and start networking. (When I googled ‘Jobs Thailand Accounting’, I found 58 jobs for English speaking accountants).

Be very careful about any potential Thai employer.

Services broker

Paper and printing are cheap here and the quality of work is high. If you know something about this field, you can arrange the design and printing of 100,000 shopping bags for a retailer returning home. This is a pleasant job and requires very little time. There are many services in Thailand that are much cheaper than home.

Actor / Model / Musician

Talented people are interested in these careers. It’s not static, but it can be beneficial if you create your own value. American music is praised here, even American country music.


Most Thais live in rural areas and once you move out of the cities you will find that Thailand is still a developing country. As a result, there are charitable and non-profit job opportunities that are emotionally rewarding. International organizations and church missionaries need as much help as they can get.

Licensing agent

As Thailand emerges as a second world country, it is expanding its game in almost every field. If you have never lived in a developing country, you may wonder how unequal standards can be. In fact, sometimes there is no standard. I feel it everywhere.

For example, when I buy a bottle of locally made milk from a Japanese company, I find that the hat peels off and snatches from its retaining ring each time. Similarly, the inner adhesive seal sits perfectly on the aperture of the bottle, peeling easily and evenly without cracking. The product of its Thai rival forces me to wrestle to open the hat because its retaining ring does not hold the bottle. When I try to remove it, tears seal inside, etc. You get the picture.

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