Fundraising tips for raising money voluntarily abroad

If I had a penny for every person who says he would like to go abroad voluntarily but can’t afford it, then maybe I have the money to fund my next home building project in Brazil. Will be enough for

While this may seem like a bit of a contradiction, providing free aid to countries in need will cost you dearly. If you use a volunteer placement agency, they will usually charge a flat fee to cover the expenses. Some of the major expenses include international airfare, accommodation upon arrival, and your daily meals and beverages.

Before you consider a potential trip too expensive, consider considering fundraising efforts as a way to raise the cash needed to subsidize your volunteer tour. Below we’ve compiled a list of some useful fundraising tips to help you put your good intentions into practice:

* Appeal to people closest to you. Friends and family are the first line of support. If they know how important a charity is to you, they will probably be happy to join. To help them figure out where their cash is going, ask for your money for a solid purpose, such as a new pair of hiking shoes or a day’s food.

* Ask in a unique way. Instead of just picking up the phone or sending mass emails, get creative with your application. For example, you could try creating a personal card that illustrates your passion for the cause, as well as pictures and personal stories that bring the region to life. Include as many details as possible to help the recipient understand the importance of travel and what significant difference their money will make.

* Host a fundraising event. This is one of the most effective ways to raise money. Choose any venue – leisure center, local hotel, or your own home – make sure to plan the party with creativity and resources, and try to connect the theme to your desired destination. Contact local radio stations and newspapers about possible pro bono publicity, and post pamphlets on college campus bulletin boards and other public forums. To raise funds, you can either sell tickets for the entrance, charge at the door, or simply place donations in prominent places throughout the venue. You may want to consider adding a musical act or a raffle.

* Breaking a sweat. Many volunteers raise money by participating in competitive athletic events, such as road races, bike races, or triathlons, and asking people to sponsor them.

* Contact local organizations that support your cause. If you would like to volunteer to visit an orphanage in Peru, try contacting a local Peruvian group or community society to find out if they are interested in working with you. If they agree to fund your tour, you can offer to come and talk to one of their programs on your return.

No matter which fundraising option you choose, perseverance is key. Avoid the “no” and don’t be ashamed to ask for help – after all, you’re asking for donations for a worthwhile cause, not a week on the beach.

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