Garden Shed – How to Assemble a Flat Pack Shed

The garden shed is a very useful addition to almost any garden. There are hundreds of possible uses for a shed. It can be used as a children’s playhouse, or it can be used for storage, it can be a workshop. Because the shed is a temporary structure, you will not need any planning permission in most areas. Although setting up a shed is fairly straightforward, you will need someone to help you with a task.

1) Before installing your shed you should make sure that you have a dry and level foundation to work with. You must place your shed on a smooth slab of concrete. You should not build a shed on vacant land, even if it is a surface. Make sure you choose the right place for your shed, considering the direction of the shed windows.
2) Mark the center point on each side with a pencil based on the shade. Do the same on the basis of each wall. Position the base of the shed.
3) Place the back wall on the base. Take your assistant to keep it there.
4) While the back wall is being held in place, take one side wall and position it. Join the two walls together. It is best if you screw the top, middle and bottom of the walls. This can be very difficult if you are holding the wall, it is better to have someone else holding the side wall at this point. In addition, it is beneficial to drill small pilot holes before attaching the walls.
5) Take the wall on the other side and pull it to the back wall in the same way.
6) Finally take the front wall and pull it to the side walls. Now you have to sit on the base with four walls attached. It is important that you do not pull the walls to the base of the shed at this stage.
7) Support the roof and fit it in the shed. Most sheds will use L brackets to fix the beams on the back and front walls. They should be attached to the walls.
8) Take the roof panel. Before you can fit them into the shed, you’ll need to nail them to the roof panel.
9) Take the roof panels and lift them in place, again, you may need help to do this. Attach the roof panels to the roof support beams and then nail the roof panels to the walls.
10) Now that you have added the roof to the shed, it should be square on the base. Nail the walls of the shed to the base.
11) Take a felt for the roof of the shed. If it has not already been cut, you will need to cut three lengths that will overlap each other and the edges of the roof.
12) Use a felt nail to attach the felt to the ceiling. Start with the two-sided pieces and the main piece of felt that overlaps the pieces on both sides.
13) Clean the edges of the felt and then nail the fascia boards in front and behind the shed.

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