Government MLS System in Canada – How Does It Work?

State MLS System – the official website of the Canadian Real Estate Association. This is the gateway to all classifieds across Canada. As stated on their website, the mls public website is a vehicle provided by REALTORS® across Canada for real estate assistance that is listed on the mls.

This is the definition of mls it is a multiple listing service.

Nearly all local mls systems provide data to the public mls system to make it easier for users to find mls listings in their specific regions and across Canada.

All people whoever has access to a computer has access to the public mls system in Canada. It is similar to the US government MLS system.

Most real estate tips in Canada (one of which is the Toronto Real Estate Board – TREB), regularly upload partial listing information to the public MLS system.

It is important to know that the open source mls system is for the public and only provides limited information about specific announcements. Realtors use their local MLS system to find and search for Mls listings, and they have access to much more details and information about a specific listing than what is available on the public MLS system. Privacy law in Canada is the main reason for this.


The public MLS system is available to anyone to use to find and view properties in Canada.

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