Guide to the best family beaches in the USA

Beaches have always been a hot favorite as a vacation spot. When one needs to escape from one’s daily routine, the gurgling waters of the ocean provide a great view to soothe the senses. There is nothing more refreshing than the best beaches in America. One of the highest rated beaches in the United States is Fort Desotto Park, North Beach, St. Petersburg, Florida. The beach is a natural treasure for the city and enjoys the majority of its popularity. It offers great opportunities for a variety of water games including kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing, swimming, biking, camping and bird watching. A special attraction of this place is a dog park which enables one to go for walks with his animal companions. Another important feature offered here is the ample parking space which is essential for the success and popularity of any beach. Relevant officers and administrators, who work to raise public awareness of marine environmental concerns, contribute to the beach’s popularity through planned management and smart projects.

Okracock Islands, Outer Banks, North Carolina is another favorite beach for vacationers. The Ocracoke Islands are surrounded by water and can only be reached by air or water and are part of Hyde County. Its shores stretch for about 16 miles, offering all the possibilities of surfing, fishing and swimming. Many birds migrating from water and land on the Eastern Flyway offer exotic views for bird lovers.

Another beach that is included in the list of defined coastlines of the United States is Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii. The region offers excellent opportunities for top surfers and serves as a competitive venue for expert surfers. However, dangerous waves can occur at certain times. Both Imama Road and Hee Road lead to Violi Beach Park. Another popular beach is Hanauma Bay, on the island of Oahu, which is primarily an underwater park.

Florida is proud of its excellent coastline, which stretches for about 1,100 miles. It has beaches to suit everyone’s taste. Shell Key, St. Pete Beach offers excellent bird sanctuaries, with bird sanctuaries covering more than half the area. The surface is minimal concrete and contains only natural beauty. Bahia Honda State Park is one of the highest tropical beaches in the world. It serves as a tropical paradise on earth with swimming opportunities. Located south of Melbourne Beach, Sebastian Inlet State Park is perfect for surfing and is considered the capital of the East Coast. Another attraction of Florida’s beaches is South Walton, which is known for its relaxing effects on the feet. The glistening sand on the beach provides an interesting experience of walking barefoot. This is mainly due to the fact that the sand consists mainly of pure quartz brought down by the Apalachin Mountains. The list of Florida’s magnificent coastlines extends to many other beaches, but the United States has the following reservoirs to accommodate other beaches.

Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a great summer beach. The area has limited parking space and is closed even on hot summer days. Visitors to this place are allowed to come and go through the special shuttle bus services provided these days. This place is perfect for hiking opportunities.

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