Headboard Covers – Push Designs And Surround Sound At Bedtime

Looking for a fresh custom look in your bedroom? Do you like a particularly lush sensual fabric … or perhaps a masculine leather headboard to create a strong vibe? The new class of innovative, easy-to-install and affordable headboard covers make bedroom design makeovers a breeze.

More home entertainment options: surround sound headboards. With more than 500 cable channels streaming over multiple internal connections, and an incredible variety of terrestrial and now satellite radio options, plus millions of music CDs and DVD movies, it’s no wonder that hi-fi and multimedia entertainment reaches our rooms. . Surround sound headend designs simply extend the natural reach of movies and music to our most private cameras.

* Sizing, measurements and distribution of speaker cables. Analogous to a car dash and door sound system, the surround sound headboard speaker system features a series of custom-sized cutouts, matching the specific speaker model and size. The performance speaker cable “links” the surround sound headend “system” … with a trailer patch cord about 20 feet long, which you can then connect to your bedroom multimedia system. What could be sweeter!

Cover fabric options. It doesn’t matter if you have a standard size, queen size, king size bed, or even a platform bed, you will draw on an artist’s palette of cover fabric colors … from light pastels to earth tones of green and brown to reds. , lavender, black and all shades in between.

* Vichy, Velvet, Rugs. Textured fabric headboard design possibilities also include velvet, oriental rug motifs, and many shades of leather cover finishes.

* Leather case. The king size leather headboard cover designs offer not only a highly textured and attractive decorating option, but are also easy to maintain … a simple cleaning to remove dust … and of course a Leather case with long service life.

* Upholstered Headboard Covers. A more finished professional look can be created … wear resistant similar to slipcover furniture fabric grades with the many different shade and textured upholstered headboard cover options. Often times, to achieve this “high-end” designer look, you will need to either hire a custom sleeve professional to take measurements or perhaps physically remove the headboard and then perform the entire custom sleeve operation off-site.

* Tufted headboard. Another molding possibility includes headboard cushion cover combinations where a soft, cushioned ½-inch foam padding can be installed, and then the outer surface finished in a wide range of fabric options such as tufted headboard.

Range of headboard covers sizes to match. Like Goldilocks unexpectedly arriving at 3 Bears / house … each bowl of oatmeal had a few chances … getting the right one was just a matter of balance. The same rule applies to headboard covers. Given the standard size of the bed frame, you can order a virtually queen-size headboard cover in fabric and trim combination … or if your bed is longer, order the king-size headboard cover, keeping in mind Note that standard king size bed measurements vary from California king size. .

Make your own full size headboard cover. For those skilled in pattern making and sewing, pillowcase making in the comfort of your home is a rewarding home project. Doing things right or wrong comes down to concentrating on details. Areas of concern when making covers include the art of taking correct measurements … allowing curved shapes instead of hard lines … allowing “creases” to achieve a smooth, uniform surface texture, especially at the corners or sides.

Bottom line:
Check out the new generation of designer headboard covers and even the multimedia wave of surround sound headboard entertainment possibilities to add to your bedroom options menu as well. Go to the following links for up-to-date information.

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